Character Licensing

How can Doc & AJ Comics, superheroes and cartoon characters help you or your business?
You can license characters for use on merchandising, including hats, t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, stationery, buttons, bags, skate boards, shoes, banners, furniture, mouse pads, hand bags, party favors, paper cups, tissue boxes, balloons, shower curtains, bible covers, mascots... etc.
You will find the most unique, lovable, fun and exciting characters and cartoons that are ready for licensing for apparel, food, toys and a whole host of other products that appeal to the young and the young-at-heart.  A character for licensing is a unique set of characters created to breathe life into your creative projects or products.
Arthur L. Dawson is the name and versatility is the game.  We give you illustrations that can work across different brands and products, from computer and graphic design oriented styles artwork to hard line realism. The illustrations we create are specially design to work with a whole host of communication media including but not limited to-apps, the web, brand identity, point-of-sale, direct mail, e-cards, and multimedia.
Arthur L. Dawson and Doc & AJ Comics is committed to our youth.  We also create bible stories, picture books, early learning books, activity books and comic strip books. Explore the site and you are sure to be delighted by the wonderful variety on offer...